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Intense competition and environmental regulation of industries utilizing combustion equipment have motivated many owners and operators to seek ways to reduce costs, improve performance, and minimize emissions. Energy management programs are being implemented throughout industry to improve equipment operating efficiencies, profitability, extend equipment life, prevent forced shutdowns, generate substantial fuel savings, track valuable information, and enhance compliance margins. A well designed and maintained energy management program translates to PROFIT added directly to the BOTTOM LINE.

ETEC has implemented energy management programs for several of our clients. The basis of the program utilized the 80/20 rule where 80% of the total potential savings are derived from optimizing the energy utilization from 20% of the combustion equipment. The fuel savings alone have been substantial. In addition to the fuel savings, were reduced costs from improved operation, as well as reduction in maintenance requirements and forced shutdowns. The technical approach, the benefits, and the results of these programs are summarized as follows:


The program is a comprehensive program consisting of the ten step program elements shown in Table 1. This program is ideally suited for integration with existing energy tracking programs. For example, for refineries participating in the Solomon Study, the program improves the Energy Intensity Index (EII), and incorporates the EII as one of the performance measures monitored to document energy reductions.

Ten Step Program Elements

  1. Conduct plant audit
  2. Define data requirements
  3. Select target equipment
  4. Identify maintenance items and additional instrumentation required
  5. Maximize product/energy ratio
  6. Identify additional maintenance/repair items
  7. Document cost savings
  8. Develop performance monitoring procedures
  9. Develop operator training guidelines
  10. Conduct operator training


In the present climate of industry downsizing, reorganizing and redefinition of direction, the operation, design and reliability of plant equipment is of utmost importance. Equipment is expected to run longer. It is to operate at higher stress levels more efficiently and have minimal downtime. The energy management strategy program brings focused expertise to expedite the resolution of existing maintenance and chronic operational problems as well as implementation of an energy management strategy, the results of which produce immediate as well as long term profit. Knowledge gained from this program shortens the plant's learning curve thus saving time and money.

Ten Step Program Benefits

  1. Raises bottom line profit
  2. Extends runtime & equipment life & reduced maintenance
  3. Improved instrumentation and controls
  4. Performance Monitoring
  5. Operator Motivation
  6. Better information tracking
  7. Improved environment