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Plant Services

ETEC Swoosh

Plant Services Overview

ETEC's Plant Services consist of:


Plant/System-wide Energy Utilization Strategies

Boiler/Furnace Monitoring


  • Conduct Plant Audit to Identify Plant Capacity Bottlenecks.
  • Quantify Bottleneck Impacts.
  • Define Operational Measures and/or Equipment Modification.
  • Document Increased Capacity Cost Benefits.

Plant/System-wide Energy Utilization Strategies

  • Conduct Plant Audit
  • Define Data Requirements
  • Select Target Equipment (based on 80/20 rule)
  • Complete Maintenance Items
  • Maximize Product/Energy Ratio
    • Baseline tests
    • Combustion process optimization
    • Identify additional maintenance/repair items
  • Document cost savings
  • Develop Performance Monitoring Procedures
  • Develop Operator Training Procedures
  • Conduct Operator Training
Energy Management Program Benefits
  • Raises Bottom Line Profit
  • Extends Runtime, Equipment Life, and Reduces Maintenance
  • Improved Instrumentation and Controls
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Better Information Tracking
  • Improved Environment

Boiler/Furnace Monitoring

Installation of furnace camera for monitoring furnace flames