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NOx Control Technologies

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NOx Control Technology Overview

ETEC's NOx Control Technologies consist of:

IFGR Systems

Combustion Mods

Slip-Stream IFGR

IFGR Systems

  • ETEC engineers pioneered IFGR on the first three electric utility boilers at Entergy and Reliant Energy (via EPRI TC programs), and subsequently on 42 additional units representing a firing capacity of over 123,011 MMBtu/hr!
  • ETEC’s Patented IFGR systems have demonstrated NOx reductions as high as 88% with existing burners, as well as with low NOx burners.
  • Our clients now select IFGR as the primary retrofit NOx control technology for their boilers.
  • ETEC is the nation’s leading provider of IFGR technology to the electric utility industry. ETEC’s IFGR systems comprise > 85% of all operating IFGR systems on electric utility boilers.

IFGR System Clients

Electric Utilities
  • Entergy (18)
  • Reliant Energy (10)
  • TXU (2)
  • LCRA (2)
  • Exelon (2)
  • Brazos Electric
Industrial Clients
  • ExxonMobil (9)
  • BASF
  • MeadWestvaco
  • Deltec (2)
  • Georgia Pacific

ETEC IFGR Engineering, Design and Construction Experience

ETEC has the expertise in the engineering, design and construction expertise in order to get the job done correctly and with the highest level of NOx reduction rates possible. With just at fifty IFGR projects designed, installed and completed, ETEC's experience is second to none.

The NOx Control Paradigm Shift

  • In the past, primary consideration was given to LNB, OFA, ForcedFGR, etc., all of which are major equipment-intensive technologies and are very costly ($8-$35 per kW).
  • With ETEC’spatented extractor/Inducer IFGR technology advancements, NOx reductions up to 85% have been achieved with costs reduced to $1-$3 per kW.
  • As a result, IFGR is the 1sttechnology considered for gas/light oil utility boiler NOxcontrol.
  • The paradigm shift is widely recognized within the industry as EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) has stated “IFGR is by far the most cost effective NOx control technology for gas/oil fired boilers”.

Combustion Modifications

  • Modification of existing combustion equipment to achieve NOx emissions reductions.
    Modify existing burner components

    Modify existing operation

    Implement combustion modification with existing burner equipment
  • Modification of existing combustion control system to maintain minimum NOxemissions and optimum combustion performance.

Slip-Stream IFGR

Modification of existing ductwork upstream of backend NOx control system, e.g., SCR, to extract a slip-stream routed back into the forced draft fan for reducing NOxemissions ahead of backend control system.

This application of IFGR significantly reduces the operational cost of the back end control system, e.g., for SCR systems the amount ofammonia usage is greatly diminished.