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Electric Utility Case Study 2

540 MW B&W Boiler

NOx Controls Used: IFGR & C-MODS

This electric utility client had to reduce the NOx emissions from their 540MW boiler. The boiler was a B&W supercritical gas fired unit with 32 burner cells, controlled with 16 gas valves. The unit was already equipped with overfire air ports for NOx control. In order to achieve the required NOx emissions level, a Patented ETEC IFGR system designed for 15% flue gas recirculation, was installed, as shown in the photograph below. In addition, the burner system had to be modified to accommodate C-Mods operation in conjunction with IFGR operation. The modification included removing existing gas line piping and installing individual gas cell piping with manual valves, as shown in the photographs below. The gas valves operated normally, but a number of individual cell gas line valves were closed to provide additional NOx emissions reduction. The NOx emissions reduction corresponding to the combined IFGR/C-Mods operation was on the order of 70%, as shown in the figure below.