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Entropy Technology & Environmental Consultants, LP. (ETEC) offers a far less costly NOx control FGR technology, which eliminates the need for a separate FGR fan and windbox mixing device. This technology, known as induced flue gas recirculation (IFGR), utilizes the FD fan to pull (induce) flue gas from the boiler exhaust duct into the combustion air at the fan inlet. The fan also serves as the mixing device. IFGR NOx Control is, thus, a very cost-effective method to achieve significant NOx reductions (50% to 80%). IFGR requires very minor boiler modifications and has relatively little or no impact on boiler performance and operation. The ETEC NOx Control IFGR System for a typical boiler application includes ducting between the boiler exhaust flue and the FD fan inlet ducts, and the necessary flow control dampers to achieve the desired degree of flue gas recirculation over the operating load range of the boiler.  And with layered technology, up to 90% NOx reductions can be achieved.

Figures 1-3 show typical exhaust duct IFGR extraction point, IFGR ducting, and forced draft fan inlet ducting.

Subsequent to IFGR NOx Control installation, ETEC optimizes the combustion process in conjunction with IFGR utilization, and then prepares operational guidelines and procedures to be followed to ensure safe and efficient operation throughout the boiler's load range while reducing overall NOx emissions.

figure 1
Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 2

Figure 3
Figure 3

Figure 4
Figure 4 Pre-IFGR Operation

Figure 5
Figure 5 Post-IFGR Operation