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IFGR_ExperienceETEC engineers have a long history of addressing and solving NOx emission problems. ETEC engineers were instrumental in providing the original testing and analytical work (in the 1970's), which defined the combustion processes by which NOx emissions were generated and the operational and equipment modifications necessary to reduce emissions. Among the NOx reduction technologies pioneered by ETEC engineers was Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR). Based largely upon the initial work of ETEC engineers, FGR has been implemented on scores of boilers in the electric utility industry. In the past these installations have relied on dedicated FGR fans to provide the required exhaust gas recirculation.

ETEC engineers have more recently developed proprietary IFGR technology for utility and industrial boiler applications. These proprietary developments have resulted in elimination of expensive CFD modeling while providing the means for precision system design to meet our clients' specific requirements. As a result, the ETEC IFGR System has been judged by many of our clients to be the most cost-effective retrofit NOx control technology available today for both electric utility and industrial boiler applications.

To date, ETEC has been responsible for ~80% of all IFGR system installations on electric utility boilers in the country