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Combustion Technology

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Combustion Technology Services Overview

ETEC's Combustion Optimization Services consist of:

Combustion Optimization

Burner System Mods

Operational System Mods


Combustion Optimization

Boiler Efficiency Related Factors
  • Combustion Related
  • Heat Transfer Related
Boiler Efficiency Losses
Efficiency Gains
Boiler Operational Adjustments
  • Instrumentation
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Efficiency Improvement Procedures
  • Maintaining Optimum Efficiency

Burner System Modifications

Inspect and Evaluate Combustion Equipment Condition.
  • Burner fuel system
  • Burner air register system
  • Furnace inspection to evaluate combustion problems
Document burner system maintenance requirements that need to beaddressed prior to initiating combustion optimization program.

Operational System Modifications

Step-By-Step Operational Improvement Procedure.
  • Defining excess oxygen vs carbon monoxide characteristic curves
  • Evaluate control system stability and repeatability
  • Evaluate if design operation is achievable with existing control system
  • Define and modify existing excess oxygen curve over load range
Specify controls and/or equipment modifications for improving performance.
  • Combustion control system modification or upgrades
  • Forced draft fans
  • Air heaters
  • Economizers


Perform burner/fuel system maintenance requirements prior to conducting performance optimization.
Establish and maintain records for historical reference.
Establish protocol for periodic assessment of combustion equipment.

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