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Entropy Technology & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (ETEC)

ETEC is the leading provider of cost-effective and innovative NOx control technologies including: Induced Flue Gas Recirculation (IFGR), Slip Stream FGR, Combustion Modifications (C-Mods) and combustion optimization technologies. Hybrid of ETEC's Slip Stream FGR with SCR is estimated to reduce SCR costs by as much as 65%. ETEC also offers a hybrid of IFGR and C-Mods technologies that achieves SCR NOx levels for a fraction of cost. ETEC's technologies are very effective in controlling NOx (typical reduction 50 to 90%); installed cost in retrofit applications is about one tenth of low NOx burners; and, can be installed in less than a week! ETEC technologies require very minor modification and have relatively little or no impact on performance and operation. Unlike other combustion control systems, ETEC systems improve fuel and air mixing inadequacies and improve the energy efficiency. ETEC's technologies are best suited for gas and low sulfur oil fired units. Over the years, ETEC engineers have implemented several combustion control technologies and have saved its customers millions of dollars by avoiding expensive alternative control technologies.

IFGR Background ETEC engineers have a long history of addressing and solving NOx emission problems. ETEC engineers were instrumental in providing the original testing and analytical work (in the 1970's) which defined the combustion processes by which NOx emissions were generated and the operational and equipment modifications necessary to reduce emissions. Among the NOx reduction technologies pioneered by ETEC engineers was Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR).

Based largely upon the initial work of ETEC engineers, FGR has been implemented on scores of boilers in the electric utility industry. Because of the large volumes of recirculation gas involved in a utility boiler, most of these installations have relied on dedicated FGR fans to augment the existing Forced Draft (FD) fans in order to accomplish the mixing of the flue gases with the combustion air.

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